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Was our planet gift wrapped for us by its Creator?

Imagine the entire Earth being wrapped in Plastic? Doesn’t this spec of our imagination, give you goosebumps or suffocate you, perhaps? That is how it is going to be, if we do not take the threat of plastic and the pollution it causes seriously!

Now coming back to the ‘wrapping’ part? When was the last time you wrapped a gift for someone in a glittery wrapper or received one yourself? What purpose does a glittery, shiny wrapping paper serve? (oops.. did I just say paper.. It is wrapping plastic, right?) So what purpose does this glittery plastic serve, apart from making your gift look pretty? What do you do with it when its purpose is served? (Too many questions, too little time) Throw it away, perhaps or if opened properly the first time, reuse it once more for some other gift! Eventually the gift wrapping plastic, runs its course and ends up in the landfills, as its multi-layered property makes it unfit for regular recycling. And the harm it causes becomes just another statistic.

However, there are ways that the shiny and glittery piece of plastic can be UPCYCLED, in ways you have never thought of!

Think about the upcycling part this way, who does not like a good and functional handbag? The answer is everybody! So how about using a functional bag which is made by upcycling the shiny gift wrapping plastic? Yes! Fully Functional Bags can be made by upcycling the left over plastic. While the thought of using a bag made of upcycled plastic may sound fancy, also think about the other benefits you are achieving for yourself and for the next generations:

  1. Removing these from the environment where they would stay for 100s and 1000s of years
  2. Saving millions of life forms from getting stuck in this plastic or swallowing it
  3. Removing some of the litter it causes, which is a sore to our eyes
  4. Setting a fashion trend by promoting eco-conscious fashion choice
  5. Supporting sustainable fashion
  6. Supporting the livelihoods of our tribal women and youth!

Yes, thats what Aarohana EcoSocial Developments and our very creative tribal and underprivileged youth and women do!

First the gift wrappers are collected, sorted and cleaned. Then they are cut manually, just using a pair of scissors. Now is the fun part, where a traditional CHARKHA and HANDLOOM are used to convert these gift wrappers into a beautiful shiny fabric, ready to be used for making your favourite UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN “Glitter” product from Aarohana EcoSocial Developments. Voila!

These awesome bags, diaries, home decor and office utility products are up for grabs! Click on the photos to grab some of our choicest and awesomest Combinations NOW!

The Show it off Combo (A perfect combo for those who like to slay, the sustainable fashion way)

The Work it Combo (This one is for the Go-Getters)

Love thy Greens Combo (A perfect one for those, who love, live and breathe the colour Green)

These wonderful Combos are now available on the website.Click on the link below and Grab your Upcycled and Handwoven combo

Aarohana Combo

PS: You can also give us the material for the bags (Address given in the link below)

Aarohana Eco-social Developments

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