Utility Tray


Suited as stationary piece on study table ,keychain holder , make-up essentials tray,decluttering the electronic accessories and lots more. This multipurpose-sturdy UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN tray with a clean finish will boost any decor style.
Dimensions : 8.5*8.5*2 Inches
Impact : 15 less plastic carry bags!

  • BlackNonGlitter
  • BlackWhiteNonGlitter
  • BlueGlitter
  • BlueNonGlitter
  • GreenGlitter
  • SilverGlitter
  • WhiteGlitter
  • WhiteNonGlitter

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BlackNonGlitter, BlackWhiteNonGlitter, BlueGlitter, BlueNonGlitter, GreenGlitter, SilverGlitter, WhiteGlitter, WhiteNonGlitter


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