The Show-It-Off is spacey, handy and so trendy. With sturdy stitching and vibrant shades, it’s the perfect choice for shoppers, students, travelers or anyone who loves a big bag!

  • Silver
  • PinkGreen
  • OrangeI
  • Orange
  • GreenBlack
  • Bluewhite
  • BlueG
  • BlueNG
  • MultiG
  • GreenG
  • WhiteNG
  • YellowMixG
  • StripesG
  • StripesNG
  • BlueGold
  • GreenNGII
  • BlueGreen-Glitter
  • Purple-Glitter
  • Pink-Glitter
  • Blue-Glitter
  • MultiColor-Glitter
  • GreenRed-Glitter
  • YellowBlue-Glitter
  • MixColorII-Glitter
  • Yellow-Glitter
  • PinkII-Glitter
  • YellowMix-Glitter


Impact – 40 – 45 less plastic carry bags!

It can fit a large number of items suitable for a really long day at work or travel, and multiple colors and patterns make it possible for anyone, irrespective of age and gender, to enjoy our trendy Show It Off bag!


Capacity: 8 – 10 kg
Size: 20″ x 4″ x 15″ (l x b x h)

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Silver, PinkGreen, OrangeI, Orange, GreenBlack, Bluewhite, BlueG, BlueNG, MultiG, GreenG, WhiteNG, YellowMixG, StripesG, StripesNG, BlueGold, GreenNGII, BlueGreen-Glitter, Purple-Glitter, Pink-Glitter, Blue-Glitter, MultiColor-Glitter, GreenRed-Glitter, YellowBlue-Glitter, MixColorII-Glitter, Yellow-Glitter, PinkII-Glitter, YellowMix-Glitter


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