Laptop Sleeves (14 Inches)


Sleek and smart, carry your laptop around in style! Our unique upcycled padding ensures that your laptop stays safe as you toss it in your backpack or just carry it in your hand. It has also multiple pockets inside where you can store your charger, pen or any additional stationery!

Dimensions: 14 Inches

Impact: 50-60 less plastic bags
Product Details: Outer metallic zipper, two open pockets inside

  • Black-NonGlitter
  • Blue-NonGlitter
  • Orange-NonGlitter
  • Pink-NonGlitter
  • Silver-Glitter
  • White-NonGlitter
  • Yellow-Glitter


Impact – 15 less plastic carry bags!

Additional information


Black-NonGlitter, Blue-NonGlitter, Orange-NonGlitter, Pink-NonGlitter, Silver-Glitter, White-NonGlitter, Yellow-Glitter


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