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What do we UPCYCLE ?

Plastic/polyethene bags, multilayered wrappers of Gifts, multilayered wrappers of biscuits, cookies, old audio and video cassette tapes, and a lot other household packaging material like cereal, flour and detergent packets. Check-out our Section on Donate-in-Kind to see what items we UPCYCLE, and how can you segregate-at-home and send your plastic waste to us.

Who are the UPCYCLERS ? 

Aarohana creates LIVELIHOOD opportunities for our tribal Women and Youth, as they manually weave fabric from Waste Plastic using a traditional CHARKHA (Spindle) and HANDLOOM. Check-out our Section on Who is Our Team to meet our UPCYCLERS!

How do we transform waste?

 Watch the video below, to see WHY we do, WHAT we do!