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What’s in the name – “Aarohana EcoSocial Developments”

aarohana collageWhat’s in the Name – Aarohana EcoSocial Developments

Many of our customers and well wishers seldom ask us the meaning of “Aarohana” and why was the word “EcoSocial” selected by us! This blog is an attempt to answer these questions:

The first word “Aarohana” is what we are commonly known as, which is inspired by the Sanskrit word aarohan. …’Aarohan’, in the language of music is the scale upward..also, Giri-aarohan is climbing a mountain, Dhvajarohan is hoisting a flag, and so on…we chose our name ‘Aarohana’, which means a ‘tool’ to rise upward. Thus, aarohan is the verb and Aarohana is the noun. Thats what we are, Aarohana – a tool to support an upward, yet sustainable development.
Our name also consists of a very important word, EcoSocial… All of us have heard Eco and Social seperately.
Eco is usually termed as something to do with the environment, such as ecology, eco-friendly and so on. Environment is generally the nature around us; plants, animals, the five elements of nature i.e air, land, water, sky and fire. Development of the environment truly means conserving it in its most natural form. This could be planting trees, (more importantly native trees) conserving the sources of water, keeping them clean, keeping our surroundings clean, recycling/upcycling, supporting a healthy life of our co-occupants on this planet i.e animals, birds, insects, microbes, plants…Finally, sustaining all this on the earth will ensure our sustained existence on this planet. Its like you are sharing a house with one or more housemates… If all of you live symbiotically, your own existence in the house is sustained, else you or your housemate has to look for another house.. Houses could be many, but we have just one planet!!! Where will you go?..Several initiatives are being implemented by governmental and non-governmental organizations in this area, many successfully implemented as well..
Eco is also used as a acronym for economics. We all know what economic development means in today’s developing and developed worlds (these two words are also a result of the definition of economic development and their discrepencies). Economic development is clearly based on monetary growth of a household, country, world….
The word Social is usually linked to something to do with the human society we live in. There are several facets to this social development ; it is cultural development, community development, spiritual development, peace and equality in the society…so on and so forth.. but today, unfortunately, social development is used only for the economic development of a society, such as infrastructural development, adapting higher living standards, adapting a more urban-lifestyle, higher income in terms of money…which in our point of view is an incomplete definition of social development.
Thus, we decided to adopt a more complete prefix for development, which is ‘EcoSocial’ development. It sums up our goal of Ecological+Economic+Social Development. Only then is the definition of development complete and sustainable.
Aarohana is a tool for this EcoSocial development, which all of us, i.e mankind and other elements of the nature are concsiously or unconsciously yearning for… A world where we can sustain the environment, society and economy together. Only then can mankind sustain on this planet!

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