EcoSocial Participation

EcoSocial Participation


"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn!"
- Benjamin Franklin

Participation in social and environmental projects is getting stakeholders involved in the assessment, designing, implementation and monitoring. These stakeholders could be your employees, investors, customers, well-wishers etc who could participate by volunteering.


When a project begins, right until its completion and ongoing monitoring; participation can be useful from the donor/investors point of view as well as from implementer’s point of view. This ensures accountable and responsible implementation.


Donors or investors want to participate or have their employees participate in projects to build a sense of passion in them. It helps them learn different aspects of lives which they can correlate to their own daily work or personal lives. Participation also ensures the implementation partner is accountable for their work, as you have your representative present in the process.


Aarohana ensures transparency and accountability in its works and so do many of its implementation associates. We are so confident of our passion and dedication that we invite you to come and participate in it.

Again, our bottom-up approach is at work here as well! As we work towards implementing projects at the grassroots, we invite donors, investors, employees and volunteers to come and support various functions of project implementation, communication and monitoring. Participants gain a lot by learning from our projects, which they can apply to their daily lives. But the important value they learn is being compassionate, and also being responsible.

Come participate and enjoy the experience!

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