EcoSocial Awareness

EcoSocial Awareness


The first step towards change is ‘awareness’.
The second step is ‘acceptance’.
Awareness building is a critical step which brings together all stakeholders attached to a project on the same page, prepares everyone for a change and builds an acceptance for the potential change.
Situation and Need

EcoSocial Awareness is required at various stages of the project, including:

Problem identification stage:

when the stakeholders need to realize that ‘there is a problem’! This activity is needed when the issue is externalized by the stakeholders involved. For Example: Waste management is an issue often neglected, but is crucial to long term healthy existence of human and other organisms.

Project initiation stage:

when the stakeholders need to be intimated of the projects’ commencement. This activity is needed to invite participation from all those involved. For Example: Employees of an organization are involved in CSR project kick-off to make them aware of their organizations effort towards the betterment of the society.

Project delivery stage:

when target stakeholders need to get ready for the impacts of the project. Awareness/Training is provided to target stakeholders who are beneficiaries of a project.
For example: Users of recently constructed bio toilets were trained on use and maintenance of those toilets

Various stages of project monitoring

when it is evident that the project is slipping off the track. Project monitors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders need to be made awareness of the project status for effective functioning

Aarohana has experience working with rural communities, educators, employees, temples management, spiritual leaders and many other stakeholders through its past projects. We can help you achieve your goal, through innovative methods, yet customized to the audience.


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