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EcoSocial Assessments

"You can't manage, what you don't measure!"
EcoSocial "Needs" Assessment:
Needs assessment is used as a tool by a donor or investor to assess the requirements of the target community for current or potential community development initiatives.
When you are venturing your social investment into a new geographical region or are interested in tapping into a new problem area, you might want to first assess that community's requirements.
You will find the need to conduct an EcoSocial Assessments to ensure the following questions don’t crop up: What if the community does not need it or is not ready for it yet? What if the community needs it, but it could harm the environment, thus making the project unsustainable in the long run? What if the economics do not make sense anymore?
Aarohana will conduct a detailed EcoSocial Needs Assessment to ensure your potential investment will pay back effectively under the three pillars of sustainable development, namely Community, Environment and Economics. Our team of surveyors and analysts would help you achieve the goal!
EcoSocial "Impact" Assessment:
A sensible donor or investor uses this tool to assess whether the resources invested in the project are delivering the expected results.
Like self-assessment is always advised for personal development, an impact assessment of project investments is also important when project is in-progress, when the project is complete and even beyond it for sustainability.
What if the quantitative and qualitative impact of your project on the ground are not up to the mark? What if the project you spent a lot of time and money on, is not working out as you wanted? What if some bad elements in the community or your implementation partner are mismanaging the efficient functioning of the project? What if one pillar of sustainable development is getting missed out, which could be a barrier in the long-run?
Aarohana will conduct a thorough EcoSocial Impact Assessment, to ensure your existing projects are yielding best results possible and that too sustainably. Aarohana will work with the senior management of your organization closely, to offer you our services as an unbiased observer and provide best-in-class reports of our findings.

Trust us to be your partners, as share similar goals i.e to develop a sustainable world for all of us to live in!


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