Lunch Bag


Carry your standard lunch box and 1-liter water bottle, now in Aarohana’s upcycled handwoven Lunch Bag. This bag is easy to wash and dry, just as you would like your lunch bag to be! It is also the perfect size to carry to your school or office.


  • Size: 10″ x 4″ x 11.5″ (l x b x h)
  • Parlegold-glitter
  • Blue
  • BlueGold-glitter
  • MultiColorII-nonglitter
  • SilverRed
  • SilverGold
  • BlueBlack1
  • BlackBlue-nonglitter
  • BlueGreen
  • MultiColor-nonglitter
  • Black
  • MultiColor2
  • Multicolor3
  • Bluegreen-nonglitter
  • BlueSilver-glitter
  • MulticolorI-nonglitter
  • Purple-glitter
  • PurpleGold-glitter
  • RedSilver-glitter


Impact – 20 – 25 less plastic carry bags!

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Parlegold-glitter, Blue, BlueGold-glitter, MultiColorII-nonglitter, SilverRed, SilverGold, BlueBlack1, BlackBlue-nonglitter, BlueGreen, MultiColor-nonglitter, Black, MultiColor2, Multicolor3, Bluegreen-nonglitter, BlueSilver-glitter, MulticolorI-nonglitter, Purple-glitter, PurpleGold-glitter, RedSilver-glitter


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