Indoor Grow Pot


Enrich your home decor with these beautiful Indoor Grow Pots. You can either put plant with the pot or directly plant inside. These pots are made from upcycled handwoven plastic which is water friendly and will add to the beauty of your plant and home.

Dimensions : Big- 9(H) * 8(Base) *8(W) Inches

The GrowPot is shipped without the plant and soil!

  • Gold-Glitter
  • BlackStripes-Glitter
  • BlackWhite-NonGliiter
  • Blue-Glitter
  • Blue-NonGlitter
  • Brown-NonGlitter
  • GreenYellow-NonGlitter
  • Orange-NonGlitter
  • Pink-NonGlitter
  • Red-NonGlitter
  • Silver-Glitter
  • YellowGreen-Glitter
  • Yellow-NonGlitter
  • YellowRed-Glitter
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Impact – 20 less plastic carry bags!

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Gold-Glitter, BlackStripes-Glitter, BlackWhite-NonGliiter, Blue-Glitter, Blue-NonGlitter, Brown-NonGlitter, GreenYellow-NonGlitter, Orange-NonGlitter, Pink-NonGlitter, Red-NonGlitter, Silver-Glitter, YellowGreen-Glitter, Yellow-NonGlitter, YellowRed-Glitter


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