How many of us are fed up of seeing garbage strewn all over our country, be it street corners, playgrounds, streams, rivers and oceans? We certainly are!!
Most of the garbage amounts to non-biodegradable waste, as it does not degrade and keeps piling for years and decades. Out of this non-biodredable waste, majority of what is seen is ‘plastic’.
Aarohana has decided to take it one-waste at a time; starting with plastic bags, the most commonly found type of waste… Lets hear our story:
It all starts with a shopper like you and me going to shop, be it grocery, garments or anything else. The shop keeper packs all the items in a plastic bag for the convenience of the shopper. The shopper returns home, removes the shopped items and in most cases, tosses the bag into the dustbin. In a regular scenario, you would imagine these bags ending up in the landfill or worst, in the ocean harming the environment!
But this is where our story takes a twist! Next morning, the waste-pickers are overjoyed to see such plastic grocery bags in the dustbins, so that they can come and sell it to us. We hand them over to our craftsmen, who ‘revive’ them by weaving and stitching them into beautiful items, such as our products in this catalogue!
So, our products are special in two ways:
a) They clean up the earth off some plastic bags, which take 20 or more years to degrade and keep piling up in garbage heaps, AND
b) Create a new livelihood for our craftsmen and wastepickers
Do take a look at our introductory collection in the ‘Products’ section of our website. If you like one, buy it from us and carry it the next time you go shopping.
Remember, together we can create a better world!