Aarohana conducted an impact assessment and baseline study in association with BAIF Development Research Foundation, for the ESSAR Foundation, from February to April 2016.
The Essar Foundation has undertaken several community development initiatives, as a part of their CSR program. Since April 2013, BAIF-Griserv has been working with Essar to implement these projects in 12 draught affected villages on the periphery of its Jamnagar plant. Projects were undertaken in the field of water resource development, agriculture improvement, livestock development, women empowerment and other livelihood development.
Aarohana conducted a detailed impact assessment of the projects implemented in the past 3 years based on several metrics and indicators in the sectors mentioned above. Beneficiaries of the projects were interviewed and their feedback was recorded for future project improvement.
In addition to the impact assessment, a baseline survey was conducted to plan project areas for the next phase.