Our Team

Amita Deshpande

Founder & Director

Amita has worked extensively in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility since the past 8 years. An IT Engineer by basic education, she went on to do her Masters at the Purdue University, USA with a focus on Sustainability. Since then, she has worked with CSR teams of multinational corporations, consultancies, non-profits and community-based organizations in the United States and India and eventually founded Aarohana EcoSocial Developments with the rich experience she gathered. She brings to the table proficiency in designing our EcoSocial projects, managing them at the grassroots and ensuring their transparent operations. With her boundless energy, she is also an asset to our ‘EcoSocial Awareness’ team and strives to motivate the participants to a more sustainable lifestyle for a better future for everyone! Amita’s long standing dream is to develop a sustainable village and live in it herself, which she wishes to fulfill through Aarohana.

Nandan Bhat

Founder & Director

Nandan has over a decade experience working in Business Development and Procurement sectors of reputed companies like Tata Telecom, Sony, Future Group and Sify. With profuse experience in managing projects, large teams and market relations, he has co-founded Aarohana with long-time friend, Amita. Nandan brings to the table expertise in relationship development, be it with the grassroot villagers or with clients, and in making our livelihood projects sustainable by building forward and backward market linkages. From his interest in outdoor activities and experience managing and mentoring large teams of employees, he brings added competence to our EcoSocial Awareness programs as well. Nandan is an extremely enthusiastic and cheerful person who promises a sustainable future to Aarohana.

Jaee Garad

Operations Manager

An IT Engineer by basic education, Jaee's love for art and craft always has had a upperhand. Hence she quit her corporate job and started working on Handmade Paper products since  the past couple of years. 'It's my meditation' says Jaee.  A beloved Customer of AAROHANA, Jaee wished always to someway contribute to the cause. And now feels fortunate to be part of our team! Jaee manages operations and marketing for Aarohana. 

 Sukanya Patil

Asso. Social Business Manager

Sukanya, has completed her engineering and has 3 years of work experience in IT. She is lover of nature and art enthusiastic person. She wanted to explore new avenues of work and joined Aarohana. She developed a hobby of making gifts for her friends using household waste, eventually which led her to know about up-cycling and whole new opportunities in managing waste. At Aarohana she is engaged in working with the customers offline and on online platforms. Creating new product design and looking for new audience to increase the reach of Aarohana is her task. She also works on our website and creates relevant post on Facebook and Instagram.

Irshad Shaikh


Irshad completed her MSW(Master of Social Work)  from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. She has been working with Idea foundation  an NGO which aim for education for all. She was a teacher and a motivator for the school dropouts to join the school again. At Aarohana she manages the product production. She feels fortunate to work with the team as it work towards the environment as well as helps in improving the tribal life by providing job opportunities.

 Muhammad Shaikh


Shaikh, a migrant from Eastern Maharashtra, heads his family of 4. With this responsibility, he learnt the skill of bag making, to earn a living and support his family. After working for 30 years in this trade, he came across our work of making bags from upcycled-handwoven fabric. He loved the concept and joined Aarohana as a master craftsman. He enjoys his work as he gets to design and craft innovative products every day!

Kiran Baddha


Kiran is a tribal youth, belonging to the Warli tribe of Western India. Due to low educational standards of the local school, he dropped out of school after 9th grade. His 8 member-family is mostly dependent on rainfed agriculture, hence, being the eldest son, had to start earning to support the family income. Lack of employment options in his village, Kiran had to move his base to a nearby town in search of work, where he worked as a mere laborer at a snack selling hawker. When Aarohana came to his village with an opportunity to work, he immediately joined us and is now our lead weaver. He is a bright and funny young man, who loves to crack jokes and all the team mates everyone laugh and have fun, while working equally hard.

Vandana Vartha


Vandana is a tribal youth, belonging to the Warli tribe of Western India.
Due to low educational standards of the local school, she dropped out of school after 9th grade. Being the eldest girl of her family, she started helping her mother with house work and stayed mostly at home in her village, with limited exposure to the outside world. When Aarohana came to her village with an opportunity to work, she immediately joined us. She joined as an assistant artisan, and soon picked up weaving as well. She now does other processing work as well as weaves fabric. Despite of her petite structure, she is a strong young woman and doesnt get tired with an all day’s work. She is always cheerful and given a chance, loves to design her own patterns in the fabric.



Jitesh belongs to the Warli tribe and is mute and deaf by birth. Due to lack of special schools in the village, he remained illiterate, and hence never got a steady job. As he grew older, he started working as a daily wage labour at construction sites in nearby towns. These jobs were never stable and sufficient to take care of his mute and deaf wife and two little daughters. He found Aarohana’s work in his own village and was delighted to start working with us! He is very focused and rarely gets distracted from his work!



Ravina is a Warli tribal like most of her colleagues. She has a family of seven members. Her parents are farmers and her brother works in the village revenue office to earn a living for the family. Ravina was always bright in her studies, and completed her schooling till 12th grade. She had found a job in a nearby town, but had to travel 2-3 hours every day, to and back from work. This made her lose time and energy and also left her family worried. However, now, working with Aarohana she just hops back home in minutes and enjoys rest of the time with her family and farm!



Kalpana belongs to the Warli tribe. She went to school till 10th grade and then took up a job in a nearby town for work. She had to travel away from her village to work, and despite the effort put in, earned very little income. Now, that she has found work with Aarohana, Kalpana is very happy with the cause she is associated with, as well as the income she earns for her family. She just hops across the fence of her house to her workplace!



Renuka is a Warli tribal living with her family of 5. Her father works in a nearby town to earn an income for their family, while her brothers are still studying. Renuka studied until 12th grade and now works with us to support her family's income. She wants to pursue her further education, in parallel to working with us! 



Saraswati is a Warli tribal and has completed her education till 10th. He father does a petty job in the village and mother stays home to take care of her 2 younger siblings. Being the eldest daughter in the family, Saraswati has taken up working with us responsibly, to support her family of 5 members. 



Alka stays with her husband and his family of 10 members. The family is mainly dependent of rainfed agriculture. In addition, most members of the family go to work in a nearby town. She has joined Aarohana to support her family's income as well as earn a reputation for herself in the family! 




Suhana is a Warli tribal, living with her parents and two other siblings. Suhana has completed her education till 12th grade and now works with us to support her family income. Suhana is a smart girl, who has a very good eye for design. She has mastered the art of weaving very quickly and also supports office administration work on behalf of her team.



Sumitra is a Warli tribal, like all of her coworkers. She is a mother of four and lives with her eight-member family. Her family is engaged in rainfed agriculture and daily wage labor, which are both unreliable sources of consistent income. Hence, she is very proud to earn for her family and send all her four children to school. She works very hard and has learned the art of weaving quite quick to become one of our lead weavers in just 4 months.



Savita is a Warli tribal, and is a mother of two smart children, one of them being our oldest employees Vandana. With children grown up now, Savita realised that she can start working to engage her time and hone her skills by learning our art of upcycling. She is very sincere and hardworking, and has already won hearts of all other women in the team quickly!



Gajri is the grandmother of our team. Very hardworking and funny in her own way! Gajri is a Warli tribal. She lives with her husband, and has no children or any relatives. She and her husband have been dependent on rainfed agriculture and daily wage labour to earn their living, but now with age, physical work has become too tedious for them. With Aarohana, Gajri has found work in her own village. She loves working with our team of young girls and boys, who are now like her grandchildren!

Fattu Ben


Fattu is the grandmother of our team! Having spent her entire life living in this village in the forest, she is very strong for her age! Fattu is a Warli tribal and lives with her husband and an adopted son and his family. Her husband has been an alcoholic for many years and doesn’t have any stable job, hence, Fattu is the one working hard and earning for her family. With Aarohana, Fattu is happy to have found work in her own village! She loves working with our team of young girls and boys, who are like her grandchildren!

Mumtaz Shaikh


Mumtaz is a migrant from a nearby city, who lives with her husband and a son. She went to school till her 10th grade, but developed an interest in art and craft.  She enrolled herself in a tailoring and embroidery course and started working with her husband who is also a tailor. She has an experience of over 15 years and now works with Aarohana as a tailor. She is very creative and in free time, makes interesting designs for us!


Quality check

Priyanka belongs to a nomatic tribe Helave. Her family of 8 has migrated to Pune before her birth. Her father works as a security guard and her mother works as a household helper in the nearby vicinity. Priyanka completed her 12th grade, but could not continue her studies due to economic reasons. She now works for Aarohana as an office assistant and helper to the artisans.



Manasi, is from Maharastra and she completed her studies still 10 std. Soon after that she started learning the art of stitching and worked with many private tailors. She was also working with EcoAd, a paper bag making organisation for about 4 years. She is involved in making products as well as helping the other artisan in their work at Aarohana. She says that, she is happy to be working with us.



Aalam who hails from Bihar has studies till 8th std. He was previously working in Hydarabad with a private tailor and learned stitching. He has more than 5 years of experience in bag stitching and is very good at his skills. At Aarohana he is one among our tailors who makes our designed products to come alive. Now he lives in Pune with his joint family.

Manisha Kale

Office Assistant

Manisha belongs to a migrant family, who moved to the city of Pune in search of work. Her mother works as a housemaid in urban households and her father works as a daily wage labor. She being the eldest of the 3 siblings, decided to pursue her education after 12th grade.Along with her college, she works with Aarohana managing her class timings. She is an all-rounder and supports all of our office work, be it assisting the sewing process, administration and even sales. She is a very honest young girl and has an eye for detail in all the work she does!


Office Assistant

Pooja is a first year student in Commerce. Along with her college, she works with Aarohana managing her class timings. She looks after the quality check of the finished products and assisting the sewing process. She is a very active young girl, some time does multi-tasking and prepares very good Chai!!

Nutan Chavan

Office Assistant

Nutan is 19 years old and has completed her 12th Std. She was looking for work opportunities so that she can support her family financially to some extent. She knew about us and joined immediately. Her work mainly involves helping the tailors in their work and quality check of the finished products. She feels good working here and loves that she in her own way contributes doing good for the environment.

Vaishnavi Ravindra

Office Assistant

Vaishanavi is 19 years old and has completed her B.com and has taken a year gap to get work experience. She is one of our very quiet and humble team members. Her work also involves in Quality check of the finished products and helping the tailors in their work.

Priyanka Vaidya

Office Assistant

Priyanka has been working with us since 4 months. She is very humble team member. She had joined us to support her daughter's education and is mainly involved in doing quality check of the finished products. She feels happy to be working with us.


Ajit Deshpande

Mentor - Business

Ajit mentors Aarohana in all of our business and social decisions. He has over 35 years of experience working in diverse sectors of the industry, as well as in the social sector. He has founded and operated multiple businesses successfully throughout his life and has acted as a business consultant for multinational companies as well. With his interest in the social sector, Ajit is engaged in several social sector organisations working for tribal welfare, education and health.

Manik Damle

Mentor - Business

Valued for an instant connection from the shop floor to the top floor, Manik leads the training and consulting initiatives at Element78. She is a Certified ICF coach with Results Coaching Systems, an OD Consultant through Organization Development Certification Program (ISABS), Story Teller through Kathalaya and specializes in developing complex, large format training programs to drive organizational change. At Element78, she is deeply involved in the design of new innovative learning interventions, trainer development and managing key client accounts. She has been Aarohana's mentor from the early stages.

Rahul Chaudhari

Mentor - Business

With a vast experience in consulting, training and business, Rahul is recognized to drive tangible transformation for one's talent. He has completed several leading certifications including Organisation Development Certification Program (ISABS), Story Telling through Kathalaya, MDP Management Consulting (IIMB) and specializes in training for Leadership, Sales, People Skills and Trainer Development. At Element78, he leads the business development function and has been at the helm of driving its growth in new geographies. Having him as our mentor has helped us in team management to get better results.

Deepak Deokule

Mentor - Business

Deepak is an expert in the areas of Automotive Engineering IT and Operations Management. He has an experience of over 22 years in the field Product Engineering, Project Management, Operations Management, Business Development and Software Development. Deepak has been primarily focusing on bringing in the scale in Product Development and Software Services by establishing and optimizing the business and production processes. Deepak supports team Aarohana in bringing in operational efficiency and build scalability for the future.

Vasant Vaidya


Vasant is a retired Additional Divisional Commissioner of Pune. He was the Municipal Commissioner of Aurangabad, Additional commissioner (Pune, Satara), Deputy Collector (Pune), Deputy Commissioner – Supply (Nashik) and held many more posts in his 34 years tenure in the Maharashtra administrative services. He held the post of Project Director for Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP), which is a World Bank supported project. He is now mentoring Aarohana’s core team to ensure efficiency in administration, finances and processes.

Ranjana Dani

Mentor – Communications and Design

Ranjana is the Head of the Graphics Department at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. She has an experience of over 33 years in the field education, teaching Graphic Design, Visualization, Advertising, Marketing, Branding and Innovative Strategy. Ranjana has also established the status of a Professional Artist by developing a distinctive style and has also held numerous exhibitions in India and abroad. Ranjana supports team Aarohana in branding, communications and design of our products.

Mukund Kulkarni


Mukund Kulkarni is the founder of Arya Biotechnologies, an organic farming solution provider. His company manufactures organic agriculture inputs such as soil conditioners, biofertilizers, biopesticides and a lot more. Mukund actively works with farmers in the rural sector and provides them with timely guidance and farming techniques. He is a chemical engineer by education and has a vast experience of 25 years in the manufacturing and social sector. He is a technical mentor to our social sector projects.


Prasanna Kulkarni

Digital Marketing Consultant

Prasanna looks after digital marketing at Aarohana. Prasanna is a Mechanical Engineer by education and has professional experience in web analytics. Currently working as a Analytics & Experience manger in Boston, USA,  he is engaged with Aarohana remotely and contributes by designing and implementing communications and online marketing strategy along with our digital marketing agency MangoBlogger.com. His passion for environment conservation and sustainable livelihoods makes him a good fit for the team.


Content Writer

Tanvi has a Master Degree in Marketing Management and a Post Graduation Diploma in Digital Marketing. She has worked in Lila Poonawalla Foundation as a PR and Communication Executive Assistent to the Chairman for 2.5 years. She is a freelance content writer for the past 5 years. She is working in Aarohana as Asso- Communication. Her work includes writing blogs, creating content(blog post,videos etc) for Facebook and Instagram.



Saniya Shete

Design Intern

Saniya worked as an intern for Aarohana in June 2016. She supported our team in designing our brochure, new logo, innovative illustrations articulating Aarohana’s concept of upcycling. Saniya also conducted a photoshoot of Aarohana’s products. She is currently looking forward to her third year at the Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology. She’s majoring in Visual Design and Strategic Branding.

Tanmayi Gidh

Communications Intern

Tanmayi is an Arts graduate from Fergusson College, Pune. Tanmayi is fond of writing and adventure. She is associated with team Aarohana as a content writer and hopes to make a difference to the community through “rural upliftment” and “sustainable and simple living”. Tanmayi also volunteers with us at exhibitions and other operations!

Sai Powar

Website Design intern

Sai is a student pursuing B.S. in Biology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. She supported Aarohana to develop and design our new e-commerce WordPress website and also assisted with certain social media management tasks. She is very passionate about environmental sustainability and environmental justice and wants to pursue her Masters in sustainable development.

Nikita Deshpande

Product Design Intern

Nikita is 2nd year student of Product Design, from Srishti Institute (Pune). Nikita is on our product design team and helps us design and implement new products. Nikita also looks after our product photography along with Tanmayi, and is our brand’s formal MODEL!

Tanvi Bamb

Product | Textile Design Intern


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  1. Hi,

    Do you have stock of yoga bags? How are they priced please?


    1. Hi Ramya, we have yogaMat bags. They are available at http://www.aarohana.org/product/go-yoga/ .Thanks.

  2. Fantastic initiative!

  3. Wow! I am blown by this website and how it showcases the important work that you are doing.
    I came across your booth at the Kala Ghoda Festival on Feb 3 2018. I really liked your products and loved chatting with Amita and Nandan.
    I am a retired neurologist living in USA, visiting India for 2 months every year.
    I don’t know how I can help you apart from buying your products and showing them to my friends and family, exhorting them to buy too.
    If I can help in any other way, I will be happy to do so.
    Wishing you luck and hope your example inspires others.

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