Is the current model of growth sustainable?

Could it be such, that it protects the environment we need for a HEALTHY existence of life?
Could it be such, that it empowers the GRASSROOTS of our society?
Could it be done while conserving our own culture and heritage?
Could we create a more RESPONSIBLE market-driven economy?
Could we TOGETHER devise such a growth model?
Join us to support these alternative models of 'EcoSocial' development,
while conserving the ENVIRONMENT, HERITAGE and HUMANITY!
All our projects have been inclined to achieve this model!
Aarohana EcoSocial Development's latest initiative of UPCYCLED-HANDWOVEN Products is an example which proves that such a model can be developed and operated in a sustainable manner. HOW?? Let's see:

> We make handicraft using waste plastic carry-bags OR polybags, an effort to CONSERVE the environment

>We enable livelihoods for rural and tribal women and youth, the very pillars of GRASSROOT development

>We revive the Charkha and Handloom, our traditional HERITAGE which is losing its existence in today's mechanized world

> And moreover, sustaining this model by selling these products, thus relying on a MARKET-DRIVEN ECONOMY!

Following Are Our Core Work Areas


EcoSocial Conservation

Aarohana approaches the conservation of our
heritage and environment
using technology and social involvement

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Rural Livelihoods




EcoSocial Livelihoods

Aarohana generates livelihood opportunities for the grassroots
while integrating social and environmental sustainability

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experential learning

EcoSocial Participation

Aarohana engages its consumers and associates in this EcoSocial development process, to create a RESPONSIBLE economy!

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