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Our Happy Customers

I could not be more excited about Aarohana’s products and purpose! I have ordered dozens of bags for family and friends, each one useful, beautiful and delightfully unique. I marvel the painstaking handcrafted process used to make the same. And if one asks, what’s the best part? The tremendous enthusiasm I hold in knowing that my purchase supports environmental responsibility – local, sustainable, alternative economies; and the heritage, the magic really of the handloom!

Erika L. J. Arnold
Environment Heritage Culture Conservation

EcoSocial Conservation

Aarohana approaches the conservation of our environment and heritage using social involvement and traditional technology

Rural Livelihoods

EcoSocial Livelihoods

Aarohana generates livelihood opportunities for the grassroots while integrating social and environmental sustainability

EcoSocial Participation

Aarohana engages its consumers and associates in this EcoSocial development process, to create a RESPONSIBLE economy!

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    June 27 @ 10:00 am - June 28 @ 8:00 pm